Bengals QB Joe Burrow carted off field after suffering calf injury at practice

Cincinnati Bengals' talented quarterback, Joe Burrow, encountered an incident during Thursday's practice session that is believed to be a calf strain.

 In the midst of an 11-on-11 drill at the Paycor Stadium facility, Burrow exhibited a sudden hobble while maneuvering from left to right. Clearly favoring his right leg, he momentarily relied on his left leg before succumbing to the practice field. 

A video from WCPO-TV captured this unexpected event, leading to the team's medical staff attending to him and ultimately carting him off.

Joe Burrow carted off field after suffering calf injury at practice. (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

Head coach Zac Taylor expressed that further testing would be conducted to gauge the severity of Burrow's injury. The uncertainty surrounding the quarterback's condition heightened concerns amongst Bengals fans and the coaching staff alike.

However, there were moments of reassurance during Thursday's practice, as Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase conveyed that he received an unspoken nod of affirmation from the star QB. 

This subtle gesture alleviated some of the anxiety surrounding Burrow's well-being. Chase's words echoed a sentiment of confidence, calling Burrow a resilient individual.

Notably, Burrow has faced adversity before when he suffered a season-ending left ACL tear during his rookie year in 2020. Nonetheless, he showcased his resilience upon returning from that injury, propelling the Bengals to the Super Bowl in the 2021 season and elevating them to a prominent position in the AFC.

As the 2023 campaign commences, Burrow finds himself amidst contract negotiations for a potentially significant extension with the Bengals. His exceptional performance led the franchise to achieve back-to-back division titles, a first in its history.

Reflecting on his current state, Burrow expressed eagerness about an issue-free August during training camp. Having faced previous obstacles, he exudes confidence in the upcoming season and seeks to utilize every opportunity for growth and improvement.

However, the recent injury casts a shadow over the possibility of Burrow participating in any preseason action. The Bengals and their devoted fan base anxiously await further updates on the health of their esteemed franchise signal-caller.

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